Any adult may serve as an advisor or validator with the exception of parents, relatives or peers of the participants.  It is the responsibility of the participants to identify their advisor and validators.  The State Office encourages participants to reach out into their communities to select adults who are knowledgeable in the given program areas to serve as validators.

The appropriate validator depends upon the activities a participant selects to achieve his or her goals.  Validators whould be knowledgeable or experienced in the activities pursued in each of the program areas.  If a young person’s goal and activities involved basketball, a coach would make a suitable validator.  Similarly, if a young person volunteers at an animal shelter, an employee or the volunteer coordinator would be an appropriate validator.

If an appropriate validator cannot be found, and the advisor is knowledgeable in the specific program area, then the advisor may serve as the validator, but for no more than two goals.

Validators should be identified when the participant sets his or her goals.  The validator should be aware of the goal set forth on the Summary of Goal Plan for which he or she will be validating.  The validator may help the participant identify his or her starting level in a particular area.  It is essential that participant discuss the goal with the validator prior to beginning work on that specific goal.

Validators should periodically check in with the young person to monitor progress.  Once the requirements have been met, the validator will review the appropriate record book page provided by the participant, sign and make comments.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Review the Congressional Award requirements and guidelines listed in the participant’s program booklet.
  • Discuss the specific requirements for the program area in which you’ll be working with the participant.
  • Help the participant identify his or her starting level in a particular area of endeavor.
  • Make certain that the participant’s goal is personally challenging, achievable, worthwhile, measurable, and fulfilling.
  • Work with the participant to identify activities to help him or her reach the identified goal.
  • Once minimum hours and duration of activities have been met in your program area, review all of the appropriate documentation and sign the record book.  Please include comments.